The New Zealand Air Ambulance Service

Skyline Aviation's subsidiary company The New Zealand Air Ambulance Service based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The New Zealand  Air Ambulance Service (NZAAS) is based at Auckland International Airport. NZAAS is a fully resourced and accredited aeromedical clinical support service provider meeting NZS8156;2019 certification requirements. Our teams specialize in flight nurse led and intensive care retrievals. NZAAS currently employ over 20 flight nurses and doctors in addition to two highly skilled and credentialed Medical Directors and a robust clinical governance framework.

With a 365-day roster, our service supports our Starship National air ambulance contract and is available for all District Health Boards and assistance company clients requiring patient transport services.

We are New Zealand’s only fully accredited international jet service retrieving critically ill patients throughout the South Pacific. NZAAS operate a medical escort division which provides global medical services to patients requiring repatriation or retrievals with medical assistance on commerical airlines. 

Our Mission Co-ordination team provides operational support 24/7 every day of the year. Our team is available to assist our clients with all logistical and administrative support surrounding fixed wing aeromedical services. This includes assistance with tasking of aircraft, booking road ambulances, bed confirmations, problem solving and general operational co-ordination of all missions. Our Mission Coordination team ensures that our customers (duty managers, transport office, etc) have one point of contact and access to a team who can provide end-to-end support for every mission.


 For further information about NZAAS refer to their website