The Skyline Group of Companies

Established in 1988 by our founding director Mike Toogood, the Skyline Group has evolved to become New Zealand’s most capable and most respected air ambulance and specialised air charter operators, reaching all corners of New Zealand, out into the South Pacific and beyond.

From our humble beginnings into the air rescue and air ambulance sector in 1992 when Mike established Hawke’s Bay’s dedicated rescue helicopter service, to an organisation today which has pioneered the introduction to NZ of the latest technology jet air ambulances into the domestic and international arena, the Skyline group are clear leaders in this market.

Our fleet of four beautifully appointed jets and six King Air turboprop aircraft, complete with leading-edge avionics and specialist aeromedical fit-out, has set the new standard.

Our sustainability and ability to grow and continue our investment in the business, have come about through our relentless pursuit of excellence in safety and uncompromised attention to service delivery.

Through owning and operating the most respected global brands of aircraft, to employing the most capable team of pilots, engineers, parts and logistics staff, mission coordinators, quality and safety staff, loadmasters, operations management, charter management, financial administrators and medical directors, we have built a 30 year reputation for dependability, quality and safety.

As demand for our services has grown, our team led by Mike and daughter Annabel Toogood and their senior leadership team, have established associated support businesses to provide a truly vertically integrated business solution to support our diverse client demands.

The Group now consists of the New Zealand Air Ambulance Service Ltd, which is a fully accredited intensive care clinical service provider with a global reach, MedAssist NZ, which provides access to world-class healthcare and medical assistance, Patient Transfer Services Ltd which provides specialist ground ambulance services, Skyline AeroMaintenance, which expertly maintains every aircraft in our fleet and Jet Charters NZ who provide 24/7 service to our charter clients.

With over 50,000 patients and clients safely transported both domestically and globally, the Skyline Group is one of aviation’s most trusted names.

Our Group of Companies

To ensure we meet the demands of our diverse client base, we established specialist businesses which sit alongside Skyline Aviation. These businesses have become an integral part of the overall success of our operation.

Skyline Aviation has been providing turnkey aeromedical and charter services to multiple government agencies, assistance providers and private individuals across New Zealand and the South Pacific for over 30-years.

We have safely transported more than 50,000 clients both domestically and internationally. This being achieved through our unwavering commitment to safety, investment in training, high quality and well-maintained aircraft as well as our dedicated approach to client service and operational excellence.

We are the most experienced operators of Beechcraft King Airs in New Zealand backed by sector-leading experience operating turboprop and jet pressurised aircraft across New Zealand and the South Pacific.

To ensure our aircraft are maintained to our exacting standards, we established our own in house NZCAA Approved Part 145 Engineering facility in 2014.

We have established a small team of expert licensed engineers with approvals to maintain all the aircraft in the Skyline fleet.

Our expertise extends beyond routine maintenance of our fleet to complete fixed-wing and helicopter refurbishment, with numerous projects completed to the highest standards.

Skyline AeroMaintenance also provides a turnkey maintenance service to third party clients.

We have also established a very competent team to manage our Stores and Logistics and carry an extensive range of spares in stock which helps ensure minimal downtime for scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance

We have an extensive range of approved parts vendors around the globe which helps ensure 24/7 access to parts and heavy maintenance support.

For select clients, we provide a ‘fly in fly out’ service which enables them to seamlessly maintain their operations when their aircraft is in maintenance. This service is supported in one of our back up King Air aircraft on a dry or wet lease, long or short-term basis.

Based at Auckland Airport, NZAAS has an exemplary history of delivering leading-edge, fully accredited aeromedical services throughout New Zealand, the South Pacific and beyond.

NZAAS missions are staffed by an experienced medical crew who have been trained in aeromedical care, whether it be nurse lead or a full Intensive care team.

NZAAS hold the highest level of Aeromedical Accreditation available in New Zealand, along with holding an accredited provider status with International Assistance Group based in Paris, qualifying NZAAS as best-in-class through this internationally recognised accreditation. NZAAS are privileged to hold contracts with New Zealand District Health Boards, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and the Ministry of Health. We are also contracted to undertake missions for insurance companies, assistance companies and government agencies as well as private individuals.

NZAAS scope of services includes medical evacuation/repatriation, inter-hospital transfers and global commercial medical escort services, all of which are offered on an extremely competitive best value basis.

Our team of passionate clinical professionals led by our two medical directors and director of nursing are committed to ensuring the very best in-patient outcomes. NZAAS constantly strive to deliver the best value to clients at all times without compromising the highest standards and the clinical welfare of our patients.

NZAAS Mission Coordination Service

NZAAS mission coordination is available to all users of our services both domestically and internationally. NZAAS provide comprehensive coordination of our services including ground transport. This specialist team of highly skilled mission coordinators provides a 24/7, 365-day service to all of our clients including our charter clients. We understand the logistics involved with organizing aeromedical transfers, no matter how complex, and ensure seamless communication, support, and personalized client assistance from conception to completion. We work with referring and receiving hospitals, duty managers, clinicians, ground ambulance providers along with foreign consulates, international customs and assist with emergency medical visas.

Our customers enjoy the benefits of backloading and mission sharing opportunities through our network including other compatible DHB and private sector funded flights.

NZAAS hold contracts with the major international commercial airlines enabling our service to provide long haul medical escort services for patients.

With the expansion of our jet fleet and our domestic and global capabilities, Skyline established Jet Charters NZ to ensure our charter clients had 24/7 access to the highest level of professional jet charter services.

From New Zealand domestic operations in one of our Cessna Mustang jets to a direct flight from New Zealand to Tahiti in our Cessna Sovereign jet and everything in between, our charter manager ensures every need of the most demanding of charter clients is met promptly and efficiently.

Our Jet Charter clients not only get to enjoy flying safely in one of our superb aircraft but can also be provided with beautiful New Zealand fresh cuisine served in the hands of one of our professional flight attendants.

Jet Charters NZ offer the most comprehensive and competitively priced range of jets and turboprops in New Zealand. Jet Charters NZ are not brokers so we are in a position to not only provide a highly competitive solution but we also provide the assurance that the aircraft you will be chartering is one from our superbly maintained and professionally flown fleet.

A new company to the group Med Assist NZ offers a comprehensive medical assistance service to international patients from the South Pacific enabling them access to world-class healthcare in New Zealand. Our clients include medical aid programmes, governments, ministry of health departments, hospitals, insurance companies and private individuals.

The service facilitated the treatment of over 300 patients in 2019 who required treatment not available in their home country. Our in-house medical team and patient coordinator work with referring facilities, securing diagnostic testing, specialist appointments and surgeries both in the private sector and public hospitals. Our close relationship with New Zealand’s leading hospitals allows our adult and paediatric patients access to world-class healthcare without delay at competitive prices. Our dedicated case coordinators manage patients and support person accommodation, airfares, visa, medical escorts for transfer to NZ on commercial airlines and air ambulance for critically unwell patients. A driver for transportation to appointments is available along with a MedAssist NZ support person to visit while you are in hospital and undergoing diagnostic appointments.

Our team speak English and Samoan and understand the cultural needs of our patients, ensuring they are supported in what can be a stressful time. Comprehensive reporting on patient treatment and an ongoing care plan is provided to all our clients, promoting consistency of care thereby ensuring best patient outcomes for when they return home.

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