Quality and Safety Management

As an organisation committed to Quality & Safety we employ a full time Quality and Safety Manager (QSM) who provides professional oversight and routine internal audits of each division of our operation.
Our NZCAA approved Safety Management System (SMS) is driven by Q Pulse, a leading SMS software used by civil aviation regulators and major airlines worldwide.
The Skyline SMS is an integrated part of our safety culture and assists us in our continual safety improvement philosophy. The SMS facilitates proactive hazard identification, risk management, active employee participation, safety initiative ownership, safety reporting and continued quality improvement.
Our QSM has extensive local and international experience in quality and safety management and is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance for our complex and diverse operation.


"The safety of our patients, passengers and crew is the paramount consideration for all of our operations. With thousands of accident free hours, we have established an enviable safety record and culture within our organization." Mike Toogood, CEO


Skyline Aviation and New Zealand Air Ambulance Service were the first companies in New Zealand to be accredited to all 3 standards required to meet the highest possible accreditation called for by the majority of New Zealand Government agencies.