Hawke’s Bay Air Ambulance Service

Hawke’s Bay Air Ambulance Service in ‘partnership’ with the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board.

Skyline and the HBDHB have established an exclusive partnership arrangement for the seamless delivery of aeromedical services.

Whilst Skyline specialises in the provision of specially equipped air ambulance aircraft and trained aeromedical pilots, the HBDHB bring a full range of clinical support and specialist medical equipment to the ‘partnership’.

With the HBDHB being one of the largest, most experienced flight teams the service offers support to other District Health Boards requiring patient transport solutions and provide intensive care to nurse-led retrievals and repatriations. NZAAS provide

a 24 hour 7 day a week coordination function for the hospital, dispatching aircraft and managing

The Hawke’s Bay Air Ambulance Centre

Skyline’s purpose-built 15,000 sq ft facilities were opened by then Prime Minister John Key on the 9th October 2009 at the Hawke’s Bay Airport.

Here patients, family members and clinical teams are provided with a dedicated patient reception and transfer lounge and the capability for indoor transfer from the road ambulance to one of three air ambulance aircraft. Other facilities include flight crew amenities, training and operations room. The HBAAC is also the company’s administration and management headquarters.

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